Friday, April 10, 2015

Master Manifesting

Wanna hear the most incredible story about manifestation?  I am a big believer that we manifest our own reality.  I first heard this concept about nine years ago in the movie “The Secret”.  I was so intrigued by this whole concept, plus it was coming on the heels of the “tragic” break-up of my 11-year relationship with my honey.  If I took this concept to heart, I had to accept that I manifested the break-up.  I struggled to wrap my brain around that, yet I intuitively knew this concept to be a spiritual truth.  So I started reading everything I could get my hands on about the topic.

I also have a really good friend, whom I nicknamed “the master manifester,” who can manifest the exact things she wants unlike anyone I’ve ever seen before.  I have asked her in the past how she does it.  She said she’s very specific about what she wants.  I told her I have been very specific, too, with no results.  She said that she’s also very clear about what she doesn’t want.   I told her I have been very clear, too, with no results.  She then threw up her hands and said, “Well then, I don’t really know what to tell ya.” 

After pondering this for many, many hours, I think the difference between us is that she decides what she wants and sticks with it until she gets it.  I, on the other hand, am more of an opportunist.  I want something specific one day and a week later I want something completely different.  It drives me completely batty sometimes; but I’ve finally accepted that this is just who I am.  And the less time I spend trying to change who I am and instead embrace it, the much happier I am—even if I don’t always manifest exactly what I want.

That said, I want what I want!  I mean, who doesn’t?  Don’t you?  So I keep working on my manifesting skills.  To date, I still haven’t totally figured it out—because if I had, I would have already manifested that long-term boyfriend, among other things.  However, every now and then I get lucky and manifest something pretty quickly.  So here’s how my story goes:  About a six weeks ago I thought I had found my next potential long-term mate, but it didn’t work out.  This one hit me kind of hard because I had been doing so much “work” on myself to be ready for an intimate, expansive relationship (plus I REALLY liked him) and yet I got the same result as before.  There was also a pesky Pluto / Uranus square happening, so I know this was all part of a greater lesson for me; but I digress…

Unfortunately, I felt myself slipping into a depression and I NEVER, EVER want to go there again!  So, I started whipping out all my tools I’ve learned over the past decade to love myself more, to see the bigger picture, to be grateful for everything just as it is, to trust in God/Spririt/Universe, etc.  During this process, one very wise epiphany I had was that living alone—where I spend far too much time with my tempestuous ego—is not healthy for me.  Therefore, I decided that I wanted to take on a roommate—to bring more energy into my house.  I also decided that I wanted it to be someone who worked at the nearby gym I go to because I wanted my new companion to value a healthy lifestyle like I do.  That was on a Friday.  I talked to the gym owner about it on Monday and by Wednesday I had a gym employee call me within one hour of posting a flyer, saying he was looking for a place to live.  We shook on an agreement and he gave me a deposit that afternoon.  So, in less than a week, I manifested exactly what I wanted.  VIVA!!!  Now, if I could only manifest a long-term relationship that quickly! 

As a postscript, what I now know in hindsight is that my Soul did have me manifest that painful break-up 9 years ago because it was time for me to wake up spiritually.  It was literally the catalyst to my spiritual awakening.  My spiritual journey over the past 9 years has been an amazing blessing.  I sometimes say that I was sleep-walking through life up until that point.  I am living a much more conscious life and I have experienced joy unlike ever before.  It took a while for me to see this; but it was the most profound turning point in my life—in a very good way.  If you look for it, there is always a silver lining.  DOUBLE VIVA!

So, what experiences have you had manifesting things quickly?  What are your tips?  I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Spiritual Journey Ain’t for Sissies

Can I just say that the spiritual journey is not for sissies?  Nor is menopause, but that’s a topic for a different blog!  As I understand it, the spiritual journey is about finding our way back to ourselves.  As humans, we go through this cycle of being authentic (as babies), to learning to please others (as children), to learning to serve others (as adults), to unlearning everything we've learned so that we can be authentic again. 

The Spiritual community calls this sense of personal identity that we learn “the ego”.  Personally, I’m not sure why the ego is a necessary part of our human experience.  I mean if God/Spirit/Universe wants us to experience joy as the main reason for our existence, why the heck did ego ever come into play?  I am open to opinions, so please chime in! 

Ergo, my latest travail on this journey back to authenticity:  I really want a long-term intimate relationship, so I decided to try online dating again.  Only this time, I have a better attitude about it and consequently I am having a lot more fun with it.  VIVA!  I also know that in the last ten years my attempts at finding a long-term relationship have been mostly unsuccessful.  Naturally, I conclude that I must be doing something wrong in dating, since I am not getting the results I want.  Wasn't it Albert Einstein who defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?” 

Therefore, I decided to read up on some dating advice (mostly from men) to learn how to go about dating differently.  As you no doubt know, we all possess masculine and feminine energy.  The trick is knowing when to turn on our masculine energy and when to turn on our feminine energy.  (This goes for you guys, too!)  I think I tend to express masculine energy more often than feminine energy – could be because I’m a Capricorn, could be because I was raised with brothers, could be because I spent 20+ years in the corporate world – who knows? 
Accordingly, I start presenting more feminine energy (being receptive, passive, accepting) with my recent dates.  While I think it worked for me initially, I still find myself with no long-term relationship, physically and emotionally exhausted, and teetering on depression.  Why you ask?  

Because I was not being authentic.  I was not being true to myself.  You see, being an assertive, sassy, sharp-witted woman on the outside (and a soft, loving, girly-girl on the inside) is just who I am.  And I THRIVE when I am being who I am.  Besides, don’t we all want a partner who wants the authentic us? 

So, I’m back!  No more exhaustion, no more depression.  Lesson learned (albeit the hard way, which seems to be my preferred way J).  You see – you can only SCREAM VIVA! when you are being your authentic self.